New UK Garage Mix & interview: Oli Cronin (November, 2013)

Big day for us and our listeners. Today we opening our ‘UK Garage Music Daily Mix’ series. First episode is taken by Oli Cronin, very promising rising UK Garage DJ from London. Get to know Oli Cronin, your support is appreciated so like, comment and spread word if liked. We’ve asked Oli few questions. We hope you’ll have nice time reading to it and listening to the guest mix. Tracklist, links and stuff comes after interview. You also could find the information about how to submit your guest mix for us.

UK Garage Music Daily: Please, introduce yourself.

Oli Cronin: Hey I’m Oli Cronin, 19 years old from a small town outside of Oxford now settling in London.

UK Garage Music Daily: Your mixing skills are very good, we thought you’ve been mixing for ages when we heard you for the first time. How long do you play as DJ?

Oli Cronin: I’ve been mixing for just over 10 months now and started production about 2 months ago.

UK Garage Music Daily: Such an impressive results for man who mixing just for 10 months! We saw you already play some dubplates. It’s good to see producers are sending them these days. Big up for including them to your selection.

UK Garage Music Daily: Could you tell a bit about your roots?

Oli Cronin: My musical roots started off as dubstep and house but moved onto the Garage scene due to Dj Brainz and club that I went to every weekend that always played garage, even when the event said house its was always garage.

UK Garage Music Daily: Much respect to man like DJ BrainZ. His SubFM radio show also influenced us a lot. Everything you see done here by UK Garage Music Daily is a result of he played our dubplates few years ago and got us hooked.

UK Garage Music Daily: What kind of equipment do you use for mixing and making music?

Oli Cronin: I use a Pioneer DDJ-SX and a AKAI MPK Mini for production.

UK Garage Music Daily: What influenced you to become a DJ?

Oli Cronin: My influences mainly came from Dj Brainz after following his podcast religiously I thought i’d give mixing a try and got addicted!

UK Garage Music Daily: Please tell about your favorite producers and DJ’s?

Oli Cronin: My favorite producers have to be Taiki & Nu Light, Mr Dubz, Trends, Hadean, Copydbwoy, Todd Edwards and South London Ordnance I could go on and on but I highly rate these lot due to their consistent bangers!

UK Garage Music Daily: Do you have any plans for your nearest future as DJ or producer?

Oli Cronin: I really want to take my musical path as far as I can, it’s only been a short ride so far but I can’t see myself throwing in the towel anytime soon, I enjoy it too much!

UK Garage Music Daily: Do you have any advice for people who want to start mixing?

Oli Cronin: The only tips I can give are practice as much as you can! Plus try and get feedback on what you’ve done so you know if you’re doing the right things.

UK Garage Music Daily: Thanks a lot for submitting your amazing guest mix. Loving what you do Oli, much regards!

Oli Cronin: Peace!


01. Distro – Can’t Get Enough
02. Herve – Lose Control (Taiki & Nu Light Remix)
03. Gorgon City – The Truth
04. Dj Q – Oh Yeah
05. Killjoy – Memories
06. Stanon Warriors – Cut Me Up (Cause & Affect Remix)
07. Spooky – Rhythm & Slags Pt. 2
08. DAVI C – Velocity
09. Urban Knights – Jamaica To Miami (Benny Kane Remix)
10. Hadean – Shadow Step
11. Lostlojic – Looks Like Love (Machinery & Copydbwoy Remix)
12. Mr Dubz – Amazon Base
13. Machinery – Outraged Skankers
14. Whistla – On Drugs (Impact Remix)

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